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This 114 year old (I kid you not!) Dwight Lyman Moody’s Life Work and Latest Sermons (1900) by Richard S. Rhodes just arrived safely from the U.S. on Saturday! Just look at that silver embedded book cover artwork!IMG_0639 IMG_0640


84, Charing Cross Road

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This is a book of letters. It contains a 20 year correspondence (1949-1969) between Helene Haff, an American freelance writer and Marks & Co., a book store on 84, Charing Cross Road at London. The author’s love for books and especially out-of-print books makes her respond to an ad placed by Marks & Co in a literary magazine. Her first letter requesting a set of books gets a prompt response from the book store and that’s how a 20 year correspondence starts.

These letters also capture the political milieu of the two countries around that time. In London, around 1950’s, the food was rationed out to 2 ounces of meat per family per week and one egg per person per month. Helen magnanimously sends a 6 pound ham from her savings and this simple act breaks the ice between the Marks & Co. staff and Helen.

With every letter going…

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Is This The End Of Amazon?

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Maybe... but probably not (image via Wikimedia) Maybe… but probably not (image via Wikimedia)

It must suck trying to compete with Amazon.  You spend 24 hours every day perfecting a business model that allows you to provide a service to the public and make a little money at the same time.  Then, just when you start to turn a profit, Amazon comes along and destroys you.

Amazon isn’t just big.  It has a secret weapon, one that’s unavailable to most business owners.  Their weapon?  A bunch of investors who don’t seem to care if Amazon doesn’t make a profit.  You can’t compete with a monolithic business that doesn’t care if it loses money.

But what if… just what if… shareholders cared if Amazon made a profit?

Last week Amazon announced that it might lose money in the fourth quarter this year. This happened the same week that its shares dropped more than expected.  Investors aren’t always known…

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Paper Books, eBooks, or Audio Books?

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For this week’s Monday Question, I thought I’d yet again dive into the controversial waters of ebooks versus traditional books, with a twist.

If you could only “read” books in one format for the rest of your life, would you choose paper books, ebooks, or audio books? Why?

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Have you checked out the new Library@Orchard yet?

And… it’s back. After a seven-year hiatus, the library@Orchard has returned with a chic new look, at Orchard Gateway shopping centre. Check it out here


Where would I be today without books and reading? by Jenny Lussier

For the Love of Reading. #Why Read Books

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Reading has always been an essential part of me. The daughter of two teachers, reading books is one of my earliest memories. Dick and Jane, Have You Seen My Mother?, Dr. Seuss books, and so many more. I headed off to kindergarten already reading. Little House on the Prairie books were my first choice back then and not just to read, but to act out scenes with my dolls or out in the cornfield with my brother. We truly were pioneers. Already I had realized the kind of impact books and stories could have.

I continued to devour books and they continued to affect me in ways I could not have imagined back then. Somewhere along the way I stumbled upon Good Night, Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian. This book sits on the shelf in my living room now. It shook me to realize that some children’s lives were so utterly completely different from mine. While…

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